"For the GMS to be recognized as the leading producer of safe food using climate-friendly practices and integrated into global markets through regional economic corridors."

Information and Communications Technology and Agriculture

Viewpoint: Vietnam Assessment Mission, September 2016

Vietnam: TA8163 Assessment Mission September 2016.   The first round of LOA implementation in Vietnam are designed in 8 projects under LOA funding modality under TA-8163, which located in both Red River Delta and Mekong River Delta provinces of the country. These activities include policy development, innovative researches and studies for application and practical supports […] (READ MORE)

New business app designed to reduce food waste

Picture pallets of vegetables lingering in a grocery store’s back room. Turnover in the produce section is slow, and there is no room on the shelves. The vegetables are still edible, but will most likely be sent to a landfill, according to MIT Sloan MBA students Emily Malina and Ricky Ashenfelter, both members of the […] (READ MORE)

Paper-Free Trade for Smallholder Farmers: A Pilot Study of a Coffee Association in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Cloud-based software is used to facilitate paper-free trade in coffee exports to Europe by the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, saving time and money. The time and money savings obtained by the coffee producer organization in document handling demonstrate to governments and small businesses the wider benefits of online information transfer and provide impetus for streamlining the approval […] (READ MORE)

4G Technology Creates “Smart” Agriculture

In an era of increasingly powerful mobile technology, some farmers are hoping that they will someday be able to manage their farms using only their cellphones. (READ MORE)